Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Shoe Money Tonight!

According to my forum-mates at Television Without Pity, NBC has indeed picked up the new drama by Aaron Sorkin, tentatively titled Studio Sixty On Sunset Strip. Apparently the show is a behind-the-scenes look at a television comedy troupe, and if you saw a resemblance to a group of comedians who do a weekly live show on Saturday night, I think you could be forgiven.

While I'm not crazy-nuts about the alliterative title, I figure anything new from the guy who gave us Dan, Casey, Dana, Sam, Josh, Donna, CJ, Jebediah and Mrs. Landingham - not to mention the inspiration for the name of this blog, as well as for the title of this particular entry - is worth celebrating. I still haven't found the draft script online that I heard rumours about a couple of months ago, but this discussion thread has some interesting information (as well as a fair amount of kvelling. What? I have to brush up my Yinglish if Sorkin's gonna be back at the keyboard again.)

Also: Tommy! Schlamme! It is fun to say.