Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Rick Mercer Takes Over The Internerd

Rick Mercer, Canada's prime pretend pundit, who was doing the fake news when Jon Stewart was in short pants (well okay, not quite) has launched his newest assault on complacency, windbaggery, and political self-congratulation. Rick Mercer - the man who single-handedly created a grass-roots movement to make Stockwell Day change his name to Doris - is now a blogger!

If there were no other reason to admire Mercer, the ranter par excellence of Canadian satire, his take on the recent Parliamentary Press Gallery Dinner would be enough to make you fling yourself at his feet:

Nothing else to report really. Sheila Copps should probably check her meds and Belinda's dress was all the talk. One of those bright young conservative MPs in the Tory youth caucus asked me if I thought Belinda's dress was "appropriate". Maybe he was confusing me with his pastor. Usually when guys in their 20's talk about boobs they are pro cleavage. Maybe next year she should consider a Hugo Boss Burka so as to not offend the young conservatives.
Run to Rick Mercer's Blog now.

Hee. I'll probably be laughing about the "Hugo Boss burka" for days.

Also: This is vintage Rick Mercer:
The National Citizens' coalition has a letter to the Editor in
today's Globe and Mail claiming I'm a liberal shill. I'm not a Liberal, I'm just lazy and the Tories make it so dammed easy. Maybe if they would just stop dousing themselves with gas and waving matches around for five minutes I could focus on corruption and greed in the Liberal Party. It should be pointed out of course that Stephen Harper used to run the National Citizens' coalition. Having them write a letter defending him is the equivalent of me getting my mother to write someone who thinks I'm a liberal shill. And she would too.


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