Thursday, September 08, 2005

Blogging For A Good Cause

I may be hip deep in pie much of the time, but some folks are going to be up to their waists or higher in floodwaters for a while. Just when I was beginning to despair of anything useful being done, I noticed that bloggers in various places are getting the message out in very constructive ways. For anyone who hasn't seen this yet, the wonderful Fug Girls have an updated and comprehensive list of ways to make donations to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Here in Canada, the Red Cross has set up a fund for donations in aid of those displaced or injured by Hurricane Katrina. Link to the Red Cross for more information. The activity of the government of Canada is set out here: (check under the drop-down list of questions).

Even the good people at Television Without Pity are doing their bit; creatively using their combined powers of snark to achieve some pretty impressive results (twenty grand and counting). And finally, there's this. About which, I can only say

Dear Bar:



The World


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