Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Book Blather

In which I quote from the book I just read. (You should expect this to happen from time to time.)

They waited, father and son, without speaking, until finally the darkness fell and the first breath of music stirred from someplace far below them. Tiny people, insects really, slipped out from behind the curtain, opened their mouths and with their voices gilded the walls with their yearning, their grief, their boundless, reckless love that would lead each one to separate ruin.

-- Ann Patchett, Bel Canto [on Rigoletto]

It's not necessarily great art, but Bel Canto has moments of real insight, and includes some of the most crashingly romantic (or perhaps that should be Romantic) language that I've seen in a while. The rumour is that the main character is loosely based on the American soprano Renée Fleming.

Also: Louis Quilico, the greatest Rigoletto there ever was.


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